Kavaja General Hospital

About the Project

A brand new social object of four floors with an underground floor, with parameters that brings contemporary structures and improvement of health services in the city. A hospital equipped with all necessary systems such as medical gas system, heating cooling system, camera and alarm system, nurse calling system, optical smoke detector and firefighting system antenna and telephone system, patients elevators, medical personel and visitors elevators. Project funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

"K.D.K." Company
Construction Period:
October 2007 - November 2010
Building Cost:
4,679,451.58 USD
General Hospital
Project Area:
6 511

Kavaja Hospital is located in a suburban area of the city, this hospital has a total surface of 2472 m2.

The hospital is divided into 5 levels, where one level is located in the ground with a building area 6511 m2.

The hospital is designed and divided into 5 areas:

  1. Emergency area, surface 580 m2.
  2. Services area and medical treatment of patients, total surfaces 2950 m2 lying in 3 levels.
  3. Dormitory area which is lying in four levels and has a capacity of 80 bed rooms, total area of 1800 m2.
  4. Service areas.
  5. Technical area is composed of the service tunnel that has a surface 574 m2.