KDK Company

KDK Company was founded almost 17 years ago. It’s activity primarily was in the private sector, by self-financing the construction of multi floor residential-service buildings and by performing a wide range of designing. Over the years, expanded it’s activity to the realization of civil buildings with public investment, consulting, supervision and also concrete-interim production.

KDK Company is one of the major Albanian Construction Companies inside the country and one of the first that brought innovation in construction of residential high-floor buildings and services, with a successful experience inside the country.

KDK Company has focused it’s activity in private and public sector, performing several contracts with high international standard and lately been involved in the concessionary experience.

Civil works performed through all it’s activity , excluding the other sectors, reached a value more than 78.345.143 EURO, by classifying the company as a VIP subject.

The total turnover of the company in the last five years exceeded the amount of 18,000,00 Euro.

The Company success is based in the high standard of our performance, professional reliability, technical capability and qualification of the employed staff.

Why choose K.D.K Sh.p.k.
Sustainability, vision, reliability
Local staff and international cooperator
Long and resulting experience
Contemporary and qualitative experience
Techincal capacity and efficiency
  • Architectural
  • Construction
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Hydraulic
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Structural Works
  • Steel Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Mechanical Works
  • Hydraulic Works
  • Finishing Works
Project Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Management
  • Contract Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Enviromental Control